Sonic Branding & Music Composition

Sonic Branding


At CreativeDrive, our dedicated team of
award-winning sonic experts, composers, and sound designers have a deep understanding of the entire Sonic Branding process: harnessing the power of music and sound to amplify and enrich a brand’s DNA and elevate any brand story in any medium at any audio consumer touchpoint.

What does your brand sound like and how can it be recognizable anywhere in the world? This is what we do for some of the biggest brands in the world. Why not let us give your brand the voice it deserves?


Our Clients

Your Sonic ID is the foundation for an entire sonic brand architecture that
could extend across a variety of styles and assets on multiple platforms: from broadcast, to digital video content, musical scores, experiential events, customer experience centers, GUI sound design for websites and apps, ringtones, on-hold music and even point of sale acceptance sounds.

The power of sound, when harnessed as Sonic Branding, and created with a
deep understanding of your brand’s DNA and demographic insights, can trigger and embed the emotions needed to connect consumers to your brand on a cellular for a lifetime.


CreativeDrive Motion and Sound is one of the seven global practice areas of CreativeDrive.

We offer the attentiveness of a creative boutique, the expertise, speed & responsiveness of a production house, the forward thinking and agility of a technology startup.

With one of the largest studio networks in the world, our expertise and skills are matched to each clients needs. We’ve reimagined the entire content creation cycle – from creative to creation to execution – providing innovative content at unparalleled speed and scale.

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